Landscape, Place, Locality and Space

Ethnological Symposium
Turku, Finland
Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku
June 5-8, 2013

Organized by Association of Finnish Ethnologist Ethnos in cooperation with Hungarian Ethnographical Society, Ethnology at University of Tartu, Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku.

The theme of the first Finnish-Hungarian-Estonian Ethnological Symposium is Landscape, Place, Locality and Space. The aim is to examine landscapes, places, localities and spaces as targets of versatile/multiple operations and use.  Focus is also put on significances and images given to places and spaces.  Both are multidimensional, signified and interpreted differently by their users.  The experiences, operations, ideologies, objectives and desires are factors which form and give meaning to places and spaces. On the other hand, both are formed and utilized through the social and economic operations in/of the society. Places and spaces are also subjects and resources of operations for communities and companies.

The subjects of the theme will be dealt with in workshops and in keynote speeches. Different concepts related to places and spaces can be brought forth to discussion. These can be sustainable development, ecology, tourism, cultural change, mobility, continuity, multilocality and borders as well as e.g. experiences, feelings and images related to these concepts. These subject matters are often the ones to which the interest of the present studies of places and spaces are directed. Within the theme it will be possible to find new points of view to/for the traditionally strong ethnological study field of cultural heritage and places.

Places and spaces have traditionally formed the context of research subjects, but as concepts they have not been brought to the center of attention in/of the studies. The purpose of the symposium is to discuss new points of view concerning/of the current place and space study in ethnological research. Throughout the symposium there will be discussions about how places and spaces are experienced, understood and utilized as parts of society and also as targets of changes and images. In other words, we like to address how places and spaces are seen and what kind of significances they are given in our cultures.

In present society, places and spaces are facing constant changes. It is therefore important to have thorough and current discussions about these concepts on an international level as well. The language of the symposium is English.

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